The Box (Hardcover)




“Wait, so wait; what has this got do with Zeus, the box, and how he plans to rule the world?” I asked.

“It’s the whole point; free will is the one thing he cannot affect at all. No matter how many lies he plants, he can’t get rid of it; it’s indestructible.” He began speaking faster, compressing his words.” There is no way to take it, neither by force nor subterfuge. Even if you trick a person into giving it up of their own free will, you appreciate the paradox, tyrants have tried countless times to suppress it, stamp it out, buy it, lull it to sleep; but there is nothing that can stop it; not for long, and never completely.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way but, so?”

Prometheus rolled his eyes. “So, if the box works as he’s counting on, he won’t need to worry about it anymore. Without Elpis’ gift, people will be unable to dream, plan, conceive of anything different than what they are presented with. He can give them ash to eat and broken glass to sleep on, and they will sing his praises as the giver of all gifts, because he tells them it is so.”

VERY LIMITED EDITION first hardcover printing through Abbot Press. Less than 20 copies remain. This version will not be reprinted.

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