The Box Series

It’s not that Pan Blair, stay-at-home mother of three, has anything against humanity per se. It’s just that she finds interacting with its members to be draining to the point of exhaustion. Her husband, however, can neither understand nor live with her introversion. When a scheme of his creation lands them on the brink of homelessness, Pan decides it’s time to get the hell out of the passenger seat. It’s time to take an active role in her own life.

Even though she knows she’s not remotely qualified for it, she accepts a management position at a bookstore. There’s something eerily familiar about her new boss, the enigmatic Ignatius Pyre, but Pan has more than a few new revelations coming. As soon as she accepts the job, she faces a Herculean gamut of physical, emotional, and ethical trials. Every day, she learns a little bit more about herself, but nothing could possibly prepare her for the biggest shock of her life.

Pan, it turns out, is short for Pandora, of Greek legend; what’s more, Ignatius has been her soul mate throughout time. Together, they are about to turn the world upside down. But rather than unleashing the plague, pestilence, and misery of the legendary Pandora’s Box on humanity, they instead liberated the gifts of the gods—and Zeus is not exactly pleased.

Now, Zeus’ relentless pursuit through history has come to a head, and he has just the leverage he needs to force Pan into an impossible choice.