Book Two

Thinking Outside the Quadrilateral Parallelogram

With their mother missing and presumed dead, the daughters of Pandora must keep from becoming pawns in the games of the Gods. Under the guardianship of their Goddess mothers, Artemis, Selena, and Hekate, the girls struggle to understand and control their own powers, before it’s too late.

Ares jutted his chin and smirked evilly. “I know who they are. I remember their mother.” His expression tightening, he added in a lecherous whisper. “Very well.”

“You should.” Daphne sneered rolling her eyes, “Considering, from what I’ve heard, last time you saw her she KICKED YOUR ASS.”

Leave it to Daphne.

Ares lept to his feet, and closing on her, growled. “No, last time I saw, her she was sacrificing her life to save yours.”

Shoving between them, Artemis put a hand to his chest while Daphne, reaching for an arrow that wasn’t there, stared him down.

Published February 2, 2016